Who We Are

Ministry Philosophy

Grace Life Collegiate seeks to:

  1. Reach college and university students with the gospel,

  2. Develop future Christian leaders, and

  3. Mobilize them to impact the world for Christ.

Grace Life Collegiate provides leadership opportunities for students. To develop as disciples, college and university students need opportunities to discover gifts and practice ministry skills during these critically formative years. Grace Life Collegiate starts, develops, or partners with existing campus ministries and collegiate churches. Our ministries supplement the experiences provided by local churches.

Grace Life Collegiate believes that a staff team is required to make investments in the lives of students. Students need coaching and mentorship as they learn to lead in ministry. In essence, Grace Life Collegiate is the staff. College churches may be started. The staff may partner with a particular campus organization for a time to help it develop, and the staff may lead students to work with different mission opportunities. It is the staff, however, that maintains the goals and purposes of the ministry.

Our Team

Mike McQuitty

Grace Life Collegiate Director


Rachel Jones

Grace Life Collegiate Missionary


Barry Brown

Grace Life Collegiate Missionary


Grace Life Collegiate is a ministry of Grace Life Church.